Big Ears & Blue Paint

I've been painting a few friends with big ears and wide eyes recently. They're so happy-looking! I've also been experimenting a bit with undercolours because I usually rely so heavily on outlines alone and I'd like to be less dependent on them.

Here's a picture of me looking grumpy (actually this is just a resting face). I think gentle, focused sunlight makes me want to paint more. Maybe.

Here's another cheerful little cutie.

This kid's eyes are a bit more relaxed, and instead of big ears he has hair curling out from either side of his head. I love his glum look. I should have painted him a nice cheese and pickle sandwich to eat.

♡ ~ beautiful glum boy 2014 ~ ♡


  1. I love your style! its so different!
    And they would be fun on t-shirts as well



Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.