Animal Crossing Journal #8: Fish Maniac

Hamphrey and I getting some fresh air outside our houses on a lovely snowy day. He lives next to me because he loves me loads. Or because he's nosy.

My standee and surrounding flower bed have been unchanged for a while, but I've planted some new pear trees behind them. You can't go too far without finding some delicious fruit to eat these days.

Alfonso has moved in! I absolutely adore him and hope he will be very happy here in Boy.

Isabelle heads back to work with a nice hot coffee.

Kapp'n seems to have developed some kind of sea sickness.

Why is this dog lurking outside my house?

The truth is finally out. I am a fish maniac.

Every day I fall in a hole. This is my life.

Like I said, I'm a fish maniac.

This is the space where Cousteau's house used to be. I'll miss him, but I will also arrange a beautiful flower bed where his house was.


  1. Nice post!
    I love animal story!!


  2. Lovely post, I really need to get back into playing this :) xx

  3. I'm loving these posts! Animal Crossing is my favourite game ever :)


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