Animal Crossing Journal #7: Fruits & Berries

What's happening this week in Boy? Well, we have a new villager and I've finally acquired every type of fruit! There is also a wealth of mushrooms in town, so we might all be having quite a lot of stuffed mushrooms and mushroom soup across December. Excellent.

Pompom's face is a face of horror. Scared of my incredible beauty, I imagine.

A new home popped up amongst the bamboo. I'm very excited to welcome an octopus to Boy.

Gwen supports me in my quest for the longest hair in the universe. Don't worry Gwen, you are also very beautiful.

I gave Berry, our resident One Direction fanatic, some new furniture to fill her empty house. She's settling in nicely, even though she hasn't covered her house in Zayn Malik posters yet.

Now that Molly and Pompon have both given me their photos, I have two cute duck photos to display in my home, which I appreciate a lot. I like to gaze at them for hours at a time.

Here's my picture of Pompom on display in my snazzy new Christmas room. There's also a vision tester to test my vision after my eyes have been stung by bees countless times. I can still see for now.

Cousteau and I bond over potato-based ambitions.

I streetpassed a house with this incredible pumpkin room. Pretty great.

This is one of my favourite areas of town, now filled with some cute mushrooms I've collected across the last month.

I saw this brilliant uniform in the Able sisters' shop and I had to have it. I've also started wearing this red cap a lot. I think it suits me. I'm not sure if Gwen agrees though...


  1. aaa i am getting animal crossing for christmas i am beyond excited! it seems so gentle and lovely! i also think little big planet looks really cute but you hear less about that on the internet!?? your pansies are so lovely too!

    1. I really think it's enhanced my life! It makes me feel so relaxed and purposeful somehow. I seriously think of my villagers as my real friends, which is so nice because I don't see friends IRL often these days. There's something real and loveable about them. And I like that there's so many villagers to meet too! I think there are 333 of them in total. We should visit each other's towns when you have yours set up! :o)


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