5 Of My Favourite Blogs

Obviously I am really into blogging, but I am only here thanks to all the amazing people blogging around me. I love reading blogs and I wanted to showcase a few favourites which are really special to me, so here goes.

1. Kao-ani is pretty much a compendium of cuteness, focusing on soft toys, accessories, stationary, and all sorts of food shaped like cute bears and cats and whatever else. As a huge fan of cute things, this blog really brightens my day and makes me feel pleased to be alive in a world of Rilakkuma and Molang.

Milk Teeth
2. Bethany is the smart and cool human being behind this thoughtful blog full of writing on pop culture, personal life, and mental health. This blog is unique, thought-provoking, and really fun too.

Perma Pupa
3. Eline is cocooned in breathtaking colours and shapes. That's all I'll say. A mischievous bug with a blog.

4. Cheesie blogs about fashion, food, and adventure, all with her cheeky dog by her side. There is a very joyful vibe to Cheeserland and I love her bento box snaps (yum!).

Toys & Techniques
5. Toys & Techniques is an arty blog full of really interesting films, books, and music that I've never heard of. It's a treasure trove of inspiration and it always makes me want to start scribbling away at something.

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