I'm not sure how or why it came to me (it was just one of those sudden thoughts), but the other day my brain remembered the existence of paper snowflakes - the ones I used to make when I was little. I had to try making some new ones straight away (and hey, it's almost the right season for them)! I don't know why I haven't made any in so long. They never get less fun to make, and I think they'll actually be pretty good decorations to put up as part of a childish installation I'm planning. Otherwise, they'll be cute decorations to put up on my pinboard, and I can easily make more and switch them out. What I like about them is their infiniteness. You can make heaps of them and they'll still all be unique. I think my favourite is the one with the heart motif, just because I like hearts (and it's got nice, rounded corners). I might just fill my whole house with them.

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