Painting In Gentle Sunlight

Sometimes sunlight shines through my window in the most beautiful and relaxing way and it just makes the day so pleasant. It's weird how light can affect your mood. Sometimes darkness makes me happy because there's a gentleness to the darkness too, but sunlight definitely has a mesmerising, calming quality. It lends a vibrancy to everything, which is why it's great to paint when the sun is shining. All the colours seem brighter and everything seems sort of big and hazy. Like nothing really matters, but it's okay. I mean, that's probably a pretty good philosophy in general.

Nothing really matters, but it's okay.

I think I want to talk more on this blog about stuff like that, transient feelings and how much you can be manipulated by light, or just small things that happen in a day. Like when you burn your toast and you're grumpy for the rest of the day. I want to talk about those things more. I've had a certain structure here, but I think I want to change that. I want to pour myself out into these posts and be more lucid, have it be more of a big diary. I want to be more honest and detailed and stuff.

Anyway, so... these pictures were taken some time last week. I can't remember which day, but it was sunny, and beautiful, and pleasant, and I painted. It was a perfect day. A perfect day to be alone and wearing a huge cardigan, and a perfect day just to breathe slowly, and paint slowly.

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