Mini Studio

I've been doing so much painting on and around my little table lately. My set up changes reasonably often, but when I'm painting I usually like to be quite near the floor, so this table has become very useful as it's only about a foot tall. I'm really into making small work and using small spaces and stuff, so this mini studio space is pretty perfect for me. I tend to use the chair as a second space (pictured being used as a workspace for customising my uni t-shirt), and then when they're both full I usually do some leftover stuff on the floor and then leave everything to dry.

I'm starting to collect my paint palettes because they're really pretty in their own right and I'm hoping to use them as part of a big wall collage later. I think I'm starting to get low on pink paint now. The Wimbledon t-shirt was something I got given at my first tutorial this term (I think they were leftovers from last year's degree show). I was using it as a pyjama shirt, but I decided I wanted to make it a bit more fun and special. Kinda makes me want to paint on all my clothes, but I'll try to restrain myself for now.

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  1. It looks amazing!


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