Life & Ladybug

I thought I'd a photo diary post since I've built up a collection of nice pictures. The ladybug above was crawling around my bandmate Ed's window whilst we were conducting our photo shoot and he told me that because he lives kinda high up in a tower lots of little ladybugs are always visiting.

Mysterious work by one of my fellow Wimbledon students.

This was me trying out a middle parting a while ago. I really liked it, but my fringe is just too short for it at the moment.

Elliot and I are working on some collaborative embroidery. I got to choose the thread colours, so I went for a fruit salad sweetie colour scheme and a nice baby blue.

I don't think I had any particular reason for taking this picture, it's just a random moment, but the light looks really nice I think. Was probably drunk on already rare Autumn daylight.

A cool picture of my hair trying to escape from my head of an evening.

Here are some central London flowers on a day which had a big, shining sun casting shadows everywhere.

Very blue view from a Waterloo subway.

Part of the set for the Rescue A Family photo shoot the other day, ft. beautiful cup of tea.

And finally. another shot of my ladybug friend. Life is beautiful and filled with bugs.

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