Felt Tip Dreamland

I drew a bunch of felt tip drawings to cheer myself up and just to scribble and draw surly/cute/weird stick figures. Some of these are really messy and basic, made without much thought, but I also played around with stick figure forms and ended up with the characters above. They have a kind and innocent look about them, which kinda reminds me of greetings cards. This green picture also looks quite like a Christmas card, I think. I wanted to convey warmth in these stick figures, like they're two people who are very close and wrap each other in blankets. I guess that naturally gave them a wintery vibe when I added a scarf and pine trees.

I always seem to draw a lot of trees and houses with felt pens, so I suppose that says something about me (that I want a house surrounded by trees).


  1. drawing little cartoons is my favorite method of procrastination :D



Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.