Duck Feeding & Moomin Comfort

Last weekend Elliot and I went to feed some ducks (and other birds) at a local park. Visiting and feeding birds is so uplifting. I am absolutely not one of those people who hates pigeons. Pigeons are always welcome to be near me. I love you, pigeons.

There are lots of other nice things about going to a park to feed birds, like the sound of running water, people walking their dogs, and children getting excited about all the pigeons. Going for a walk itself can be so calming. I guess it's because there's so many things around you. Sometimes I feel like a little kid seeing and hearing everything and tasting the cool air.

I wore my pink Moomin jumper from Primark's sleepwear section, and a simple black skater skirt over the top. Lately I'm really into this type of skirt again because I can tuck bulky tops and jumpers into them, which is really useful now it's all cold weather. Oversized tops are everything to me, but I like to be able to tuck them in neatly. I'm also enjoying wearing plaits (always the standard three strand) as my hair starts getting long again. My fringe is at the point now where I have to hold it back with a bobby pin or it really gets in the way and makes me sneeze. I'm looking forward to my hair surpassing its previous length (from before I cut it in March), but that won't be for a long time, so I'm making sure I'm appreciating it for how it is right now!

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