Animal Crossing Journal #6: Stumps & Moomins

So Boy is, at this point, filled with flowers, bustling with public works projects, and home to two extra human villagers. What now? Well, I've installed some lovely wood flooring in my home thanks to Saharah (the camel with the carpets). Snazzy.

My dear friend Cousteau gave me a Macbook Air. Bloody hell. I guess if a frog can grow a moustache, it can probably also buy an expensive computer for its best human buddy. I'm so touched.

Here's me and Del having a little moment under the stars. Very pretty.

I sat on a few stumps this evening. It's a good thing they are absolutely everywhere in my town. Can't have me walking too far without a sit down.

Despite my bee stung face, I am always ready to party with K.K. Slider. Pompom disapproves.

I thought Cousteau's laptop was a special gift, but Molly gave me a glossy photograph of herself. This is too glamorous for words.

Enjoying the stumps in daylight this time.

I visited the lovely dream town Nicoland (6700-3506-3741), featuring this cool cat standee. A cat after my own heart.

Someone has the same outfit as me. That's what you get when you buy Primark. Looks nice though.

I'm seeing cake everywhere and I love it. I try not to eat villagers, but sometimes it's a struggle.

I spotted a beautiful line of fruit trees, and found Nicoland's sailor suit pattern. It looks pretty great.

I had a rest amongst some bamboo and this sweet doggie appeared. What an enjoyable evening.

Back at home in my town, I made a new dress and tried to imitate my Moomin jumper. It's kinda tough to copy your real life clothes (depending on their complexity), but pretty fun. It is, however, absolutely necessary that I'm covered in Moomins both in-game and in reality.

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  1. I recently started playing Animal Crossing again after about 7 months of not playing it. I still wonder if I should just rebuild my town or continue what I have. Love your town so much!


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