Animal Crossing Journal #5: Big Dreams

Boy has gained the "perfect town" rating and beautiful jacob's ladders are popping up everywhere! Meanwhile, your friendly neighbourhood mayor has been busy collecting mushroom furniture and visiting dream towns.

つみのみえる (tsumi no mieru): 3300-0706-7394
This dream town is covered in really cool pumpkin paths and purple/blue flowers. Here I am becoming huge and powerful after eating a mushroom.

This dream town also has an incredible house filled with villager pictures. The winged bench and cloud walls make me wonder if this is heaven. Are they all dead? I'm scared!

Milk Tea: 4100-3535-5767
This dream town is so serene and meticulously decorated. There is a floral/sweets/pastel pink motif. It's very cute. I relate to this scrap of blue paper a lot.

Milk Tea's offering of pink outfits.

A cafe filled with cakes, balloons, and flowers. It's so cute!

You can wander through pristine ponds around town, and the flag is a tribute to the sheep from My Melody.

40,000ft: 7600-2259-6813
My favourite rooms in this dream town were this kid's bedroom (complete with bunk beds and a shoe rack), and an ornate bathroom watched over by the statue of David.


This is Boy's new resident, Berry. She's moved into a tent for now, but I'm thinking of turning her house into a big One Direction shrine. That's definitely necessary in my town.

Pompom came over to visit me. I can never get over how cute she is, with her short hair and long eyelashes. A duck angel.

I'm collecting all the mushroom furniture and storing it in the museum for now. I love this coat rack so much, especially the little mushroom bag hanging up on it. I want a bag like that for real.

It was Mac's birthday on the 11th of November and the first birthday I've attended in Boy! Seems like he had a great time.

I decided to move a bunch of stuff to exhibition rooms from my storage, because I had an unmanageable number of trees in my closet, amongst other things. Don't stuff trees into your closets, people.

The townsfolk are happy to have a brand new windmill! I think this is gonna be my last public works project for a little while (although I am currently renovating the town hall).

Henry came over to my place and remained oblivious to the gyroid staring him down. I realise I haven't really moved my furniture around in a while, so I will probably work on my house a little whilst I take a break from building new projects around town. House expansion time!

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