Animal Crossing Journal #4: Pumpkin Heads

Well, it's happened, we've all become pumpkin-heads. It's Halloween in Boy and everyone's playing tricks on me. Please give me back my normal bee-stung face. Thanks.

I have a new room! This is my third, and what better to decorate it with than a beautiful traffic cone? Stylish.

The pumpkin-head army grows quickly.

Look at this beauty - it's my very first Jacob's Ladder. *tearfully wipes nose on nearest tulip*

Boy gets a brand new cafe! I hope it does hot chocolate.

I streetpassed someone with this nice minimalist room. Very calming.

Henry is completely oblivious to my pain.

Delicious fruits.

And we get a beautiful flower clock too! I love it. It reminds me of Edinburgh.

Woe is me.

Hamphrey sits nonchalantly on top of a poor plant. Please have some respect for nature, sir.

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  1. How cute is this please? I like it so much!
    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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