Visited By A Bug (& Other Stories)

Here are some pictures from the past week or so that have been relaxing inside my camera until now.

I've been keeping this little Woodstock plushy with me in my bag to look after me wherever I go. He's so small and yellow. I feel like yellow is a great cheer-up colour. I gave him a stylish turquoise scarf to wear (a ribbon originally attached to a mug I was given for Christmas). I feel like I have an exciting little secret carrying him around everywhere. I forget he's in my bag sometimes, too, and get a nice surprise when I re-discover him there.

This is my scrap box, which I rummage through whenever I'm making collages. It's pretty full at the moment and I quite like having a whole heap of stuff to dive into, although I'm also eager to use up as much as possible as quickly as possible. It's really satisfying using up lots of bulk and having to re-stock the box.

Here's the box with everything neatly packed away inside. You can see how full it is, and how many brilliant different colours and options there are. I love it.

My 360 book is still looking very cute, but it's hanging open a bit now because of all the used pages forcing it to fan out into the air.

Here you can see how many pages I've used. There are still plenty of pages left to fill with glossy photographs of Peter Andre though, so I'd better keep it up!

This is a picture of an unexpected visitor upon my person. I was minding my own business, sitting on a bench and playing Animal Crossing, when this cute little bug appeared on my hand and crawled cheekily up my arm as if it new I was selling bugs in-game and had something to say about it. I let it run across my hands a few times and then transferred it to a nearby tree.

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