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These are collages made from very randomised selections from my big bad box of scrap. It's very refreshing to heap things directly onto a scanner and also to make composition with very little thought. I kinda talked about that on Sunday, but it continues and changes in little ways as I go along. There's a beauty and a dynamic feel to chucking things down and I love it a lot and it makes me feel free, like a small bird gliding across the sky.

These collages are more magazine-y than Sunday's, and concentrate more on textures and images rather than simplistic colours and shapes. There's more of a straightforward appeal to these, I suppose, in that they're more understandable as compositions - they don't rely on visual abstraction as much and they don't represent the thrill of the process as much because they stand as reasonably logical collages in comparison.

I wouldn't say any specific different style of my collages is better than another, and really I like to think of them as holistic, because they all overlap with each other and represent the multitudes of who I am and how I feel and what's going on with me across my life as a whole. I guess that's why I love working in books so much, because a book forces all the pages to coexist as one object, just as my body and brain force all the different aspects of myself to coexist in one weird, complicated, and ever-changing person.

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  1. Beautiful collages, as always! I really like what you said about working in books, and how they all go together, like your brain and body. I never thought to think of it that way, but I completely agree. And each page changes with your mood, just as we change as people everyday. That's really inspiring, and makes me want to makes me want to fill in my art journals!



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