Sea Of Shapes

Yesterday's post was all about colours and how much they can affect your mood, and how smooshing lots of amazing colours together can make me feel very alert and satisfied, etc. Today's post is all about shapes. I come back to these basic things a lot because there is so much to think about - so many nuances about the elements of visuals, aesthetic, design, or whatever. I love cutting out weird, rounded, irregular shapes from paper because it 100% makes me feel like a little kid with safety scissors and construction paper (and maybe crayons, but I don't remember ever really liking crayons).

These collages definitely have a rushed and random feel to them, but that was in the spirit of my particular kind of enthusiasm as I was making them. I talk a lot about enjoying very rapid art-making, and I guess that's because there's a great satisfaction in doing something and getting it done quickly. The movement of it is really fun and makes me feel intensely active and alive. Sometimes that in itself is worth more than the outcome. It's invigorating!

Whilst our choices can't truly be random, it feels exciting and carefree and fun to get as close to random as possible in the making of a composition. The process of art-making is usually as important as the outcome to me, but sometimes it's more so, because the outcome is the thing I have, but the process is the thing I lived.


  1. You make so much good art, it's just beautiful! And your work always inspires me! I want to start making some collages.

    1. Thank you so much! This means the world. You'll make great collages, I'd love to see them :o)


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