This little series was a pretty spontaneous piece of work, and I love it a lot, which goes to show that sometimes the sudden and quick ideas are the best. I was idly organising bits of scrap paper onto my scanner bed to make some one-time collages, and I slotted a photo in front of some stuff because it struck me that the paper might make a nice frame. This resulted in the third image in this post, which didn't really fit in with other scans I made, so it was left on its own and I wondered what I could do with it. A bit later I thought I should make some similar scans to accompany it, so I retrieved my packet of photo prints from a drawer and made the rest.

I love film photos so much alone, but they're so easy to add a personal touch to by drawing over them or adding stickers or drawings or a border. They have so much depth that they instantly make a collage look full, and imbue it with a moment and a story.

The very last picture is my favourite because I'm making a slightly silly (but happy) face and we're on holiday and we're lying down (ideal) and the purple and grey paint looks great!

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