Fitting Room Focus: Coats!

Since it's the kind of weather that keeps me practically glued to a kettle, I thought I'd explore River Island's stock of winter coats. They had a nice little selection in thicker and thinner variations. Basically, please let me nap in a pile of coats like a cat. Thanks.

Here's the outfit I came into the fitting room with. You won't see it again, because the coats do a great job of covering it up. This skirt is one of the greatest and warmest pieces of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment, and my good old strawberry tee is great for remembering that colour has not stopped existing just because it's cold.

coat - £??? (it didn't have a tag)
First up here's a simple grey coat. Reasonably fluffy and reasonably thick, I feel very cosy in this. The pockets are nice and roomy, and the big, soft-edged lapels make perfect use of the bulk of the coat. A+

fashion pose

coat - £40
The next coat I tried was this lighter, thinner one in a nice dark green. I like the length (not too long for a short person like me) and it's nice to have a bit of rich colour buried in all the darkness of a typical winter coat.

coat - £80
This third coat was actually pretty similar to the light grey one I tried on first, with a similar heaviness and texture, but the grid pattern caught my eye - something a little different for those who are concerned they might look like they're off to Sephiroth's reunion during the colder months.

My favourite coat is either the light grey or the dark green one, but since they bother serve different purposes (the grey coat is more heavy duty) I'm sticking to both. All in all some very cute coats.

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  1. Oh oh oh, I love the grid patterned one!! That's not a bad price at all :)


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