It's time for a new diary again! I've decided this time to make my own diary. This gives me a bit more freedom with the construction and style of my entries, and is reminiscent of these old diary entries. I'm going back to a more cut-and-paste style, which feels much more fun because I can mix around lots of different things and not worry about mistakes. Perhaps I should bring in lots more scraps and patterns to give it a more chaotic look (which would match my 360 book too).

I'm going to make a new booklet each week, meaning I'll soon build up a great big stack of them, and they'll make a nice continuous homemade diary together (but still be nice and new as separate sections each week). Eventually I'd like to exhibit them alongside my 360 book and a bunch of stand alone pieces (paintings, embroidery, etc).

This week has felt like a much larger stretch of time somehow.
Some of the best things were: Ainsley Harriot couscous, rediscovering ACCESS, scrambled eggs, my mum buying Halloween sweets.

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