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picture from Link #3 - I particularly like (and want) the little see-through bag with art supplies in it

This post is a little bit of a link dump of some cool things I found whilst rooting around for some images for a presentation. To give these finds some context, the presentation was an overview of an essay I'm writing about social perspectives of art and in particular why some people don't think they are capable of art, as well as how this relates to changing perceptions and experiences of art between childhood and adulthood.

This blog post talks briefly about Hannah Totts, the author of a book called I Can't Draw... Ways Of Looking: Art For Beginners. The book seems really interesting! There are also some cool pictures of vibrant sculptures Totts has made from brightly coloured plastic bottles. Very cute.

This is a great post about creativity from a teacher. She talks about children declaring that they "can't draw" and how she combats this. Includes a very sweet bit of positive philosophy which focusses on an egg.

This is a simple and super cute photo set of lots of children drawing tigers to welcome a new year in East China.

This post is from another teacher, It details sections of two big pieces of paper that children are invited to write comments on about how they feel about art. It's pretty heartwarming.

picture from Link #4 - me too, kid

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