I know I keep talking about how it's gotten colder and darker as the snowy underworld takes it rightful throne in Britain once again, but it is kinda exciting and all-consuming, so, you know. This post is a very important fashion post all about my usual comfy uniform in the colder months.

This fuzzy jumper is the gem of autumn/winter clothing for me because it's thick and cosy and light and cute all at the same time. Everyone's a mass of dark colours at cold times of year, so I feel really uplifted by wearing soft, light colours and brightening up dim days.

I wear leggings a lot during this time as well, because they're tight and flexible and warm without being bulky or overly wintry. This is good for when I'm tired of trousers or tights. Or legs.


  1. I love, love, love the chunky knit. Oh, how I envy the fact that you get to enjoy a real Winter! I think that our Winter here in San Diego is probably like early Spring to you. :-P


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