Animal Crossing Journal #2: Muscular Dog

It's time for another Animal Crossing journal! Since last time, I've added some fun new things to Boy town (like this beautiful yellow bench and a little pink playground), I've explored my first dream towns, and I've finally acquired yellow hair! Let's go through the best pictures from the past week.

Here's Agnes. She's having a standing nap. Nice one, Agnes.

Here's me catching a googly eyed fish. Majestic.

KK Slider concentrates on the music whilst I scope out some more Bacardi Breezers.

Cousteau admires my flashy mayor's outfit.

Chair problems.

The soft lighting inside the dream suite is a perfect setting to show of my new (very yellow) look. Basically, I am the sun.

For my first dream I went to the Nintendo dream town, where I enjoyed a nice Halloween vibe.

What I was most impressed by, naturally, was this beautiful egg. I love eggs.

Having to water all of these flowers wasn't phasing me yet.

Feeling very cute, surrounded by gyroids.

A very nice and magical evening with Agnes and Hamphrey.

I visited Aika Village and got a bit nervous in the Garden of Eden.

I decided to give my upstairs room some nice new wallpaper. I also have a laptop and lots of plants up here, so everything is pretty great!

Here's my little playground. I hope to modify this and add a few things later.

I've added stumps around a lot of paths. I'm not sure what Del thinks.

Me and my best muscular dog pal.

Hamphrey being extremely cute.

WHAT IS THAT THING COUSTEAU?! Oh, it's the same thing as the thing I'm already holding.

A little family of pine trees.

Who is this?

Mac the muscular dog gives me excellent advice as usual.

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