Pigeons, Organisation, Life

It's photo diary time again!

Recently I have been organising my drawers and things. Above is one incarnation of my bookcase, festooned with owls and cuddle pals. It actually looks a little neater than this right now, but still similar. You can also possibly identify my love for jars via this photo. My love for jars is pretty large.

I snapped this stylish pigeon in Elliot's garden as I occasionally like to. I am a better pigeon street style snapper than a human street style snapper. It's pigeon fashion week, sponsored by me.

I mentioned organisation above, and that extends to this - my newly decorated pinboard, featuring a great picture of Elliot mid-chew with some kind of sandwich. Beautiful. I love my ladybird pins, too.

Sometimes when I'm in fitting rooms I find myself becoming mesmerised by the lighting. This photo of my hand is... sort of an illustration of that. Also, hands are great. Don't forget about them. Love your hands.

This is my palette board. I've had it for years and I scan it every so often to keep a record of how it changes (you can check that out here). This is the first time I've purposefully painted anything on it since I started using it as a palette, and I realised right away that doing this could make my scan project so much more interesting!

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