Many Moomins

This photo diary update details all the incredible Moomin gifts I've recieved recently. The Moomin pyjamas were spotted by my mum (a fellow Moomin fan) in Tesco and she had to have them, whilst the cup and pillow case were anniversary presents from Elliot. What I love most about the cup is that it has my favourite picture of Moomintroll and Snork Maiden cuddling each other on the bottom inside. The Moomins are such a symbol of joy to me so I feel very lucky and pleased to have them all around me in various forms, reminding me of all the pretty things and adventures that are possible!

I was making a bunch of hurried drawings in green felt tip and cutting them out and for some reason I really liked this one and wanted to keep it separate for a while. I think the hair is completely perfect and I love the lighter green cheeks and shorts.

Here are my beautiful night sky themed Moomin pyjamas. The trousers have the perfect all over print of Moomintroll and Snork Maiden surrounded by glowing white and yellow stars.

A nice simple outfit I wore one day last week. The turtleneck has little white dots all over and the leggings have thin piping running down the centre of each leg and those smart golden buttons at the top. The leggings especially make me feel smart and cute. I was going to make an outfit post about this, but I decided to slot it into this post instead.

These are behind the scenes shots from my most recent Fitting Room Focus post. I find that fitting rooms are very fun places to be these days and I tend to fool around in them a lot (especially in River Island because they play the best music in store).

This was a very sunny day and I wanted to take a picture of these nice houses and their pleasant little gardens. I didn't notice that this person was looking in my direction until later because I was very focused on that beautiful cloud of light green.

I found this lonely pre-mixed drink can discarded at a tram stop. Cans of pre-mixed spirits are such a luxurious thing to drink (I love them but I'd rather buy the components separately to save money) that it seemed comical to find this here instead of a beer can, but I relate to it more. I'd definitely be more likely to drink Smirnoff and coke at a tram stop than a beer.

These are my anniversary presents - Moomin pillow case and mug, owl hoot flute, and a little papercut box filled with sweets. Very cute and great. The pillow case is not the same shape as my pillows, but I'm sure I'll cope.

I like the little box. It's like a very fancy party favour.


  1. MOOMINS!!!! I also have moomin pyjamas, mine are from Primark, but I think I like yours more! night sky backdrops are the nicest thing for autumn comfort clothes no? I agree sooo much that moomins are a symbol of joy, Tove Jansson is honestly one of my idols, her queerness (which translates into the moomins so beautifully), her love of nature and simplicity, her use of colour and cut outs and experimental its too much. There is a picture of her in a flower crown which just symbolise happiness for me! Wait I have it on pinterest, lemme find it....

    Have you read any of her novels? I've only read one, the summer book and it was just everything.

    Also you background wall is BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Night sky themes are amazing, I have an old night sky duvet cover that I'm hoping to eventually turn into a nice long skirt. I love pictures of Tove when she was old because I love the idea of celebrating ageing and celebrating old women specifically. Being every age is exciting and cool and unique, so I wanna remind myself that all the time through pictures of brilliant oldsters.

      I haven't read any of her novels! I've gotten maybe halfway through one of the moomin books but I pretty much came to love them through the cartoon and little pieces of the comic. I do have I think every single Tove book loaded onto my ereader, so I'll definitely read some soon!

      Thank you, I love my wall :o)


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