Idyllic Escapism

Idyllic escapism is pretty much what keeps me going. I like bright colours and fanciful description and details smudged or otherwise damaged by human use and interaction. I have a bunch of old pink paper which once sat in a bath of ink to explore destruction as a potentially positive act (in that destruction of old things can catalyse the creation of new things). I thought this paper and its 'ruined' texture of inky mess could act as a nice backdrop for some magazine cut-out collages. 

This set of collages is intended to evoke textures of skin and wool, the fresh breeze of outdoors, and the bright colours of hills, vegetables, and creativity. A happy daydream about the world and all its possibilities.


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  2. amazing photos!

  3. These are so unique and creative. I love collages but I tend to always make mine a bit too busy, I love the simplicity in yours!



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