Fog, Foreheads, & Personal Items

I'm enjoying making photo diary posts so much lately because it makes me focus on all the cool stuff I do day to day. I think a lot about my life in general terms and all of my ambitions for the future, but thinking about all of that all the time is too much. One of the most helpful and healthy things I can do is to think about all the things I enjoy about my life now and all the unique things that can happen each day. This is why I find it so useful to keep diaries and journals and make lists and take lots of pictures, etc. They each serve as a constant reminder that I am a real living creature, alive at this moment.

I took these matching pictures to compare how I look with and without a fringe. I have had lots of insecurities about my hair and my forehead over the years, but I am moving towards a more holistic acceptance of every form and part of me. These pictures show that either way, I'm still me. Fringe or no fringe, forehead or no forehead, skeleton or no skeleton. I think I will be growing my fringe out though.

This is a drawing of a friend of mine which I made in my notebook after she wore a really great outfit at a party. Her outfit made me want to wear loose, comfy trousers again and I liked this drawing a lot as a representation or her.

Here's another notebook drawing. It's exactly the kind of sweet little drawing I have just about everywhere in notebooks. Very soothing little houses.

I took this picture of my bag and its contents when I saw a lot of people doing the same on Twitter. I'm so interested in other people's personal little realities. The contents of my bag change quite a bit, but they always reflect me in a very interesting and unique way.

Elliot breathed on the lens of my camera and I took some very foggy photos. A very relaxing look. A fuzzy morning look.

This is a picture of Elliot feeling cold and sorry for himself  ˚°◦•♥

I love this jumper and leather jacket combo because it makes him look like he's time travelled from the 70s (or robbed the 9th doctor). The jacket is so huge. This was a nice bright day, but a little on the chilly side. The light was really nice on this day, though. I kept noticing it.

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  1. I love your ideas on keeping a journal and taking photos! I feel the same, constantly thinking and thinking its good to put it down somewhere and to represent it with images,


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.