Fitting Room Focus: Misc Fuzziness

There are so many fuzzy jumpers around at the moment, and with autumn and winter looming I suppose we'll be seeing a lot more of them in the immediate future. This week's Fitting Room Focus took me to Tesco and Miss Selfridge to dress as the fuzzy little fruit I am.

Tesco: top - £10, skirt - £18
First of all I found this orange skirt with generous box pleats that was almost foam-like in texture. The pleats are very pleasingly bouncy and the orange is a very big, bright, fruity colour that is at once very summery and very autumnal (pumpkin cosplay, anyone?). The top is really soft and has a fun gathered scoop neck situation that felt quite garden centre wedding-y, yet very comfortable and nice and subtle.

Tesco: jumper - £14
Here is a fairly unremarkable but pleasant peachy coloured jumper that I forgot to photograph properly.

This fuzzy jumper is one of the items I found in Miss Selfridge (£25). Bask in its quite frankly ultimate fuzz.

Miss Selfridge: jumper - £28, skirt - £39
This next outfit is from Miss Selfridge, and along the same lines of comfy fuzzy jumper and a pleated maxi skirt. This jumper is the best. That very cute, slight baggy jumper look with nice little knit details and in such a delicate light yellow colour (I want more yellow in my life). The skirt has thin knife pleats, which I love, and really cool black lace panels. Both items have really cool little details but the jumper is probably the most "me" item due to its delicate colour and comfy look & feel.


  1. I love that orange skirt! So unique and perfect for fall. :)


  2. Love! Wish I could wear skirts, but my misshapen hips and spine won't let me. I do admire them so much though!


  3. LOVE that orange skirt!!



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