Fitting Room Focus: Flower Kin

I went back to Rover Island again: my favourite place to do secret fitting room dances in, and enjoyed the soft light making parallels between a golden, glittery dress and my golden dishwater hair (I'm trying to make 'dishwater' sound cute).

dress - £35
My first discovery was this very cute white and gold dress. The big white flowers (they look like sunflowers) are playful, but the simple patterning and muted tones of the dress brings it to that great little purgatory between sophisticated and fun. The arms and skirt portion are the perfect cut and length for me, and the neckline is high but sweeping and flattering, making the dress at once really pretty and super comfortable.

jumper - £35, trousers - £25
Next up I found this beautiful soft and delicate sheer jumper with such a comfy cowl neck. I think there is something incredibly comforting about having extra fabric bunched up around your neck or around your hands (I love wearing knitwear with too-long sleeves). It's that blanket-y vibe that makes me feel soft and cosy and looked after (I'm the type of person who likes to carry around a little soft toy sometimes that I can squeeze and rub against my face - I'm a big baby). This jumper definitely felt very comforting, although its transparency means you might not want to throw it on over any old thing (it looked reasonable enough over my strawberry tee, but I'd prefer the jumper's beautiful baby blue to be more opaque).

The trousers have a really cool layered stripe pattern, great for pairing with either an overall pattern-rich outfit or a plain upper half. It's kind of a bold pattern and an understated pattern at the same time, so I reckon it brings out the subtlety of other fairly plain items. The dark green sections give the trousers a nice depth, and the general look of them has a slight hint of uniform style.

For real though, this wide open cowl neck is making me want to bury myself in a hundred cardigans and baby blankets and nice-smelling sheets. It's as close as a jumper can get to being a sleeping bag.

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