Fitting Room Focus: Cool Mom

This week I went to River Island again to coat myself in light blue and coral. Hopefully the graphic above will  adequately convey my enthusiasm. Please feel free to psychoanalyse it.

Here are some pictures of me pre-change wearing my dotty thermal turtleneck, black leggings, and brogues. I was feeling pretty relaxed and cute at this moment.

As we can see, these are MOM jeans, which presumably means they will tell you not to use a fork in their non-stick saucepan but you will totally forget and use a fork in the saucepan anyway because you're a terrible delinquent. Or something.

top - £15, jeans - £40
Anyway they look pretty adorable. These were a little too baggy for me but otherwise a very perfect pair of jeans. I also found a floral top and I now a bit like Vada from My Girl. She was the best.

shirt - £35, trousers - £25
Next I tried a big denim shirt. I love the huge pockets on the front of it as well as the way it drapes down all curtain like. It drowns me, though.

jumper - £22
The shirt looks better with a jumper over the top. This jumper has a cool translucent grid thing going on, and the collar looks great peeking over the top. That classic "overflowing bucket" look.


  1. You are so adorable, haha! Such cute outfit choices, I'm rather loving the baggy jeans in particular!

    Jade x ♡

  2. So cute, crying, also generally I really like this changing room concept! It's so original and cool, and such an interesting way to think about what clothes are in shops right now without having to actually buy stuff!!! Hope you're good!!! xox

    1. Thanks v. much Bethany! Yeah I started it because I realised it satisfied my NEW CLOTHES desires to just catalogue them instead of buying them. It seems to be the most popular part of my blog, which is cool by me. :-)

  3. Love that printed top!!

    XoXo Shea L. ----->


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