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I haven't developed a roll of film in ages now, although I currently have two being very slowly used up (well, one disposable camera and one roll loaded into my Diana Mini). I'm starting to miss getting freshly developed photos back from the lab, though, so to counter this filmsickness I thought I'd look through my old photos and chose some of my favourites. I realise that this selection is a bit of an Elliot showcase, so I hope you can bear with me through what is essentially a holiday slideshow (the holiday is my boyfriend).

The first picture above was taken some time before Elliot broke those glasses of mine... by sitting on them. A classic destructive act by his dangerous and rebellious bottom.

These pictures, whilst not very well exposed, are cheery records of a lovely train ride from our 2013 Slovakia holiday. I loved the train cabins with their big mirrors and windows. Foreign trains are really magical and exciting, one of the best parts of being on holiday for me. I think I actually cried with happiness on this train.

These pictures are from a day we went for a walk and Elliot goofed around in this tree. I often forget how nice it can be to just go for a walk in a park, or to somewhere nearby. This tree-climbing moment was part of a nice little adventure near Elliot's house where we fed ducks and jumped over a little river. I've always been too scared to climb trees so I stayed on the ground and took photos.

I'm not sure why I like this picture so much. I think I like the blacked out half because it makes it look unfinished and bare, but maybe somehow full at the same time. Like it's a moment filled with so much that the black rectangle can't represent it.. It just seems real, somehow. Like all real moments that can be cut off from each other, singular, and appreciable as separated instances, but impossible to actually remove from all context of the life and world surrounding them. A moment and a multitude at the same time.

Or maybe I just like the expression. It was a goodbye, I think, so maybe the empty rectangle is the representation of the endless possibilities of whatever comes after.

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