Diary: Cardigan Weather

This week has been full of general temperature confusion as I've had to re-adjust to the changing weather, which is firmly slotting itself into that weird place which is at once too hot and too cold. This reasonably sudden change, whilst making me feel a bit like a confused child deposited into a new body, does have some nice effects in that when forced to pay acute attention to tactility I tend to end up in this odd, simple mental place where I feel very natural and like a cool part of nature that exists amongst so many brilliant, interlocking things. Basically, I'm a happy bug who likes to drink hot drinks. I'm also reading Tove Jansson's Sculptor's Daughter at the moment, which very much adds to my therapeutic enjoyment of lots of little natural and human things around me.

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  1. This is amazing. Your blog is amazing. So creative xx much love :*



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