I have one leftover tube from my old paint set: the ultramarine blue. How this became the last colour left out of all of them is a bit of a mystery, because it's one of my favourite colours, but I guess I made an effort to use up the colours I didn't like so much and ended up saving the blue for later. In light of this lonely leftover blue paint, I decided to make some blue paintings the other day and I these were my result. There's something 'off' about them, but since I used a lot of white paint too, there's a lot of beautiful, icy texture, especially in the clumpy hair of the second painting. I love the spooky, straight-on stare of the first painting, but I think my favourite detail is the nose and lips - just the right shadowy shapes.

This painting style is not one I use very often, so it feels and looks a little weird to me, but it's nice to try to do different things, because there are unique things to notice and learn about every possible style and method.

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