Big Red Cardigan

My last diary post touched on this (welcoming the incoming cardigan weather), but here I am devoting a whole post to cardigans, and in particular my massive, beautiful, and infinitely comfy red cardigan.

Any time it's gotten a bit cold, or I want to swaddle myself and wail like the overgrown baby I truly am, I throw on this, the king of cardigans. It's the closest I can get to wearing a duvet in public, and for that I am super duper grateful. Because it's extra large, I can wrap it all around me and waltz around as a big red blob. It also has two big, low pockets that come in very handy for carrying water bottles and small teddy bears, and it has some nice stripy detailing around the edges.

It's perfect. I am going to nap under it right now.

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