Yellow Yellow Yellow

I have two favourite colour combos for paintings at the moment. The first is the palette of a treasured childhood sweet: the pink and yellow (and soft orange where they meet) of Fruit Salads. The second is a similarly bright blue and yellow (mixing to make beautiful seaweed and emerald greens). These combinations are slight deviations from primary colours, so they retain a bright, primary pop with the added nuance of a little bit of messily created secondary (pink-orange and blue-green brush strokes with varying thickness and translucency). They are bright and loud and delicious. They remind me of Shampoo and that whole bubblegum rude youth section of 90s britpop.


  1. These are all so cute xx When I saw the how to be a footballer I immediatly was reminded that ball is life hehehe.

    A spooky lil skelly
    Had bones that jiggled like jelly
    They clattered and clacked around
    Some came loose and crashed to the ground
    A halloween special on the tele

  2. Ball IS life. Thank you. You're the first person to actually compose a skeleton limerick and for that I am eternally grateful. x


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.