Various Objects & Kinetic Documents

Here are more recent collages from my 360 book. This book is really becoming a great collection of all the odd flat objects I have in my possession. It's becoming more museum-y every time I add to it, filled with disjointed parts of me and my surroundings. I was thinking recently about the word "belonging". Whenever I hear it in a train announcement it triggers this specific feeling that I'm not sure how to describe. This book feels very much like a belonging. Obviously it is a belonging in the literal sense, but somehow it seems to deeply embody the word in that it's such an intense curation of myself.

Screenshots of ABBA videos are probably one of my favourite things in life. The ones you see in these pages were pilfered from a performance by Geraldine Gallavardin. ABBA make me really happy, not just through their songs, but also through the way they look. They just look so normal and beautiful. It makes me feel good about humans in general, like we're all beautiful and dynamic and interesting.

Lots of these pages are very much full of haphazard collages. The clumsy cuteness creeps in towards the end  with cute kid and bunny drawings, but is suggested to various degrees throughout with bright, primary colours and scribbling. I like scribbles a lot because they are such a straightforward visual result of moving in a simple and wild way but at the same time they are so unique as singularly existing recordings of the exact moment of scribbling. The perfect kinetic document. Of course, lots of people keep their children's scribbles as a meaningful record of those moments, but why not older people's scribbles? Why not collect the scribbles of people close to you? There's a great scope for meaningfulness to every single mark or movement made by any one person. There's so much to appreciate and love and document. I have a lot of wonder and awe for tiny moments and tiny aspects of myself and other people. Those feelings are integral to my construction of this book and its dense, curatorial feel.

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