Totoro Strawberry

This post is all about two of my cutest possessions: my Totoro bag (from eBay) and my strawberry tee (from TK Maxx). Both of them I saw (online and in store respectively) and immediately had to have. The Totoro bag is just about the most useless size ever (it's very thin and not very flexible), but it's so uplifting and nice to be able to carry my favourite forest guardian around with me that I don't mind so much. 

The strawberry tee has the perfect colours and design. It makes me feel very pleasant and fruity. As comfort and cheerfulness are so important to me, including in the way I dress, I am very happy with my strawberry shirt because it is one of the most comfortable and cheerful things it is possible to wear! The strawberry has so much personality with its one quizzical little eyebrow.

As I was writing this I began to imagine Totoro as a strawberry, so I have included an illustration of what this might look like at the bottom of the post. Here's to Totoro strawberry!


  1. Cute!! <3

  2. That Totorobag looks sooooooooo cute!*-*
    I am currently sewing a Totoro Pouch for my phone :'D
    Because I think Totoro is just the cutest thing eeeeeveeeeer, haha :'D
    ( Also made a blogpost about it, haha )
    And that strawberry shirt looks just adorable on you! :)
    Love <3

    1. Thank you so much! Your Totoro pouch looks so adorable too!


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