Svpply Wishlist

After receiving an email notifying me of the closure of smart wishlist curation site Svpply (due to close 31st August), I thought I'd do a blog post on my own Svpply wishlist. I am big on wishlists - I love window shopping both online and IRL. I really enjoy making collections of stuff that holds a unique magic for me, so the Svpply wishlist has been a perfect medium for my all-consuming interests in patterned socks and unusual plant pots. I found a lot of perfect pieces of clothing on Svpply - from basics in ideal cuts to cute sailor fukus and beautiful pop culture prints. Nothing appeals to me more than the idea of tending to a pet marimo whilst wearing a Windows 95 print skirt and emoticon socks.

Highlights include Celeste Stein floral tights (which make your legs look carpeted - a good look), adorable Sailor Moon badges, and hiragana/katakana stamp sets (because stamping mini notes and letters would be a fun way to practise my Japanese). 


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