Perceptions & Possibilities

One of the best things about making collages on a scanner bed is that the collages are not fixed, so you can move them around indefinitely. Recently, I was reading about perception being the key component of our lives that we are in control of, and I thought it would be a nice parallel to that philosophy to make several collages using a limited set of images. It's immensely empowering to realise the extent to which you can achieve things via altering your perceptions. It's not easy to change your life, but the scope of possibilities can widen rapidly through finding different ways to look at things. If you can't do something, sometimes you can change your perception until you can. This collection of collages visualises this by reusing the same magazine cuttings (and one piece of scrap paper that I painted myself) to create a series of very different versions of what is functionally the same collage. 

Change your composition. Change your collage. Change your life.

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  1. These are so awesome, my housemate did a rebranding for Topshop in this style for her FMP for her degree, went down really well!

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