Here is a collection of miscellaneous things I've made recently. These pictures have been hanging around on my computer for a while, so I figured I'd post them together in all their disjointed glory.

These blue and yellow painting are pretty straightforward. I've been enjoying these colours and the landscape format lately.

This is a scan composite I made when I was constructing this post. I left this one out because it was much more overworked than the others.

This lonely panel was supposed to be the start of a comic, but I liked it on its own and left it. Every time I look at it I wish I had polka dot shorts.

This disco ball magazine collage would usually have been included in a post full of similar collages, but on this occasion it was the only one I made, so here it is on its own.

These are two little cut outs from a drawing that were put in my scrap box to be collage fodder for my 360 book, but I wanted to scan them on their own first, so here they are.

This was an early experimental drawing I made to test out the vector programme Inkscape. I had never tried vectoring before so I just made a lot of shapes and lines and had fun.

Finally, here's a casual mspaint drawing I made just as a quick, fun exercise.

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