I Love One Direction

I love the Sisters of Mercy just as much as your average PVC clad 40 something in platforms capable of reaching the moon, and the thought of touching BjΓΆrk's custom built instruments is a delight, as is the idea of seeing David Bowie and Dolly Parton perform a duet in mustard coloured bodysuits. None of this, however, has any impact on my love of One Direction.

At first I was uninterested in 1D, but one day I decided to listen to Midnight Memories on a whim, just to see what the album was like as a whole (I only knew a few songs at this point) - and I was surprised to find myself really enjoying it! For me, 1D are a very uplifting band. They have so many songs absolutely packed full of positivity and joy.  They never fail to put me in a good mood, even when I start off in a really bad one. The passion and happiness in their songs makes me feel so proud and grateful about my life, and I don't think there's a single other artist who has that effect on me quite so acutely.

Culturally, we sure do love to dismiss the passions of teen (and younger) girls. I do feel that excessive hype and idol worship are genuinely damaging problems, and that the cult of celebrity and valuing the famous as products or magical beings instead of real humans damages people through seriously altered values and perceptions. However, I would hardly place the blame for this solely on young, impressionable girls who are actively targeted as a demographic to make these toxic cultural ideas profitable. Besides which, sometimes young girls are super excited about something in a way that is actually kinda inspiring. There's a big spectrum of love and appreciation out there amongst 1D fans and whilst of course some fans are scary, there's a hell of a lot of people with their head on their shoulders who find a lot of fun, happiness, and positivity in 1D, and in each other. That's a great thing!

Music snobbery is a tough nit to crack. Friends might love making a cheeky jab at your pop music likes, but we all know there tends to be a truthful core at the heart of such teasing. I love making fun of what I love - healthy criticism and a sense of humour about entertainment is an integral part of my ideal experience with any band, TV show, or other form of entertainment, but if you're making 1D jokes then I should get to make Judas Priest/Paolo Nutini  (note to self: write this fanfic) jokes right back.

1D aren't the only band I love that would get people rolling their eyes - not by a long stretch. I love a bit of Steps and Girls Aloud, and We Like Pizza by Pizza Kids is kind of unbelievably great, but whilst your eyes are rolling around in the back of your head demon style - please take a moment to recognise the emotional value these dumb bands give so many of us. Music can lift you up and help to change your life, no matter how questionable. I'm ready and willing to support anyone's musical passions, whether it's Napalm Death, Il Divo, or Chesney Hawkes - have fun and enjoy your pleasures (and don't let them be guilty ones)!


  1. Frankly I am on the fence about 1D. I personally think their music is targeted towards younger crowd but on the other hand, I must admit the tunes are pretty catchy.

    1. Well you're right, they are targeted towards a young crowd. That crowd will grow up and maybe one day they will be a bunch of 1D loving old folks.


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