Fitting Room Focus: Spots & Stripes (Again & Always)

I popped into New Look (side note - I love when people say they "popped" somewhere) this week to find that along with sales, they've been hit by full on spots and stripes fever. This seems to happen quite a lot in various shops, so it's a good thing I very much enjoy it.

shirt - £9 (reduced from £17.99)
The first spotty thing I had a look at with this cartoonish (and vaguely reminiscent of Timmy Mallet) shirt. It's not unlike this one from a previous post. I love the boldness of this shirt. The colour is bright and the spots are big. It is very much a "pop" item. Ideally I would pair it with a bouncy, high waisted midi skirt, or a light pair of dungarees.

dress - £19.99
Speaking of dungarees, more spots were found via this dungaree dress. This definitely continues the cartoony theme. The dress is quite unusual in general, but the spots take it over into that "cute & just a little bit weird" zone I'm always approximately aiming for. The unobtrusive stripy top helps to make this outfit look like the attire of an adorable cartoon character who loves strawberries (which is what I am).

The stripy top is almost like a dress, with a floaty skirt part at the bottom which is longer at the back and not long enough at the front to cover your underwear. The skirt part is a little odd but I really liked this top as the stripes are at that perfect balance between understated minimalism and a bold and pleasant detail. The material is really comfy too. Stripes are excellent.

I didn't get the price of this top because it didn't have a tag!


  1. I absolutely love your writing style haha you're adorable! Loving the blue spotty shirt, I have practically the exact same one from New Look but in black! :D

    Jade x ♡

    1. Thank you, that means a lot! I've seen quite a few spotty shirts around - New Look are definitely fond of them.

  2. I love polka dots! the second dress is so cute :)


    1. I know right? Polka dots are the cutest. I've just remembered the kid's TV show Polka Dot Shorts that I used to love when I was little.


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