Fitting Room Focus: Mustard & Navy

top - £6.99
As the shops are preparing for the approaching encoldening (I invented this word because I'm so cool and smart) of autumn, they are starting to display all their new stuff in those pleasing autumn colours that are gonna get us all excited about cinnamon lattes and dead orange leaves (the nail clippings of the tree world) and all that good stuff. It is somewhat jarring to see all these cold weather clothes coming out in 35 degree heat, but it is undeniably comforting to see all my old friends, the cardigans, here again.

The top above is a classic stripy tee with a comfortable, loose fit. As always, I love the stripes as a pattern detail, and the pocket is a nice added touch.

This is my casual pre-autumnal look, featuring my Joy Division tee and blue marl leggings. The leggings turned out to be a bad decision so I later wore a light cardigan as a skirt, which was surprisingly normal looking (HOT FASHION TIP) and allowed my legs to breathe. I don't think I'll be wearing any leggings for a good while yet.

Here is my clothing selection. This week's Fitting Room Focus is another H&M excursion, and the colour theme is probably more cohesive than it has ever previously been on this blog. Mustard, navy, and cream. Very comfy lifestyle colours (I have just discovered the term comfy lifestyle and it is everything to me right now, style wise). You may notice that I have only focused on 4 out of these 6 items. The shocking truth is that I often try on more items than I blog about.

cardigan - £9.99
Typically of me, I was in a great rush to make acquaintances of cardigans. This one was such a relaxing, gentle thing. I felt very EASED in this cardigan, with it's sweet little dots barely intruding on the calm cream sea.

dress - £3.99
I tried this dress on because I thought it would be a cool thing to layer up on top of a shirt. Unfortunately it turned out to be far too see-through, but I like the shape, and I've been fond of mustard/egg yolk yellows for a while now.

top - £12.99
This top has a cute loose fit and a darker, more relaxed yellow. This is the sort of cosy top I'm looking forward to wearing when it starts to get cold again. Super comfy and cosy, but still sweet and cute. The summer has made it painfully clear that I don't have many tops that are very comfortable for hot weather.

I love yellows and currently own only one (light) yellow top. It has a strawberry on it, which is amazing, but I'd like to get my hands on some more mustardy yellows. The darker yellow top above is a pretty cute one. This is tied for favourite with the stripy top at the head of the post.


  1. I love the stripe top (first picture) the most! Great choices there. xx

  2. H&M is awesome for plain yet pretty clothing! I loved this post xo

    1. Yeah I do love H&M too much. Thank you!

  3. Dang, you have the body that looks great in everything!
    I love the word "encoldening," and I'm going to use it from now on. Haha.

    1. Well I'm a strong believer in the idea that anyone can look great in almost anything!
      I hope you'll get a lot of use out of "encoldening" :-)


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