Fitting Room Focus: Denim & Lilith

For this week's Fitting Room Focus I went to River Island to find they had a lot of pastel blue and clothes with ribbed detailing (makes me feel a little bit like I'm wearing a very comfortable armchair - armchair chic 2014).

coat - £40, top - £15, shorts - £30
The first thing I saw was this coat. It has such a perfect, delicately bright pastel colour which takes it from plain smart to "smart and very cool office lady doing uncle at a wedding style dancing in a nightclub and still looking cool". The denim shorts are Bart Simpson cute, and at that nice flattering length between short-short and knee length that gives most of your thighs a chance to relax underneath and have a secret thigh meeting.

dress - £28
This little black dress is very simple and sophisticated in silhouette but has that lovely mini turtleneck (a nice extension of the overall coverage of the dress) and, like the crop top, a ribbed texture. It reminds me of Lilith Sternin, a character whose grown-up style I admire.

The thing I'm so fond of about dresses like this is that they're so comfortable and easy to wear (you just slip them on - I can't abide dresses that are so tight you have to struggle to get them on and off like they're finger traps for your whole body), yet so effortlessly smart and sophisticated. I am ready to pull my hair into a tight bun and insult Frasier.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.