Fitting Room Focus: Comfy Lifestyle

My dream outfits are ones I could wear to bed or to a party. As it's starting to rain with serious ferocity again now that it's August, I am starting to remember all the cosy joy of loose tees and jersey material. Once again this is an H&M focused post.

dress - £12.99
First up I found this cute 'n' casual baby pink dress. This shape is one of my favourites for dresses, along with slightly more form fitting versions and shirt dresses. Slightly loose fitting clothes are so useful because they allow your skin to breathe in hot weather, but they also help to insulate you in colder months (especially if you're wearing layers). This dress is a perfectly simple item which ensures you're comfortable on a lazy day without compromising any cuteness (ideal). It's very light too which makes it a great summer dress, and probably quite a versatile one too.

top - £9.99
I found this stripy top and reckoned the cropped length would make it quite nice for layering over a cute dress like this. I was also very happy to encounter one of my favourite things here: extra long sleeves. I feel very secure and comfortable when I can clutch the ends of my sleeves in my palms and fiddle with them. This is a great alternative to gloves when the weather is not too cold, but mostly I just enjoy extra long sleeves because I'm a fidget.

jumper - £5.99, shorts - £7.99
Next I ventured into some sort of loungewear PE kit. If you're very observant, you might notice I've worn these shorts in a blog post before. I keep seeing them again and liking them even more each time, hence their second appearance. I was so close to buying them this time, but I just about changed my mind at the last minute.

As you may know, grey has a special place in my heart. It's like the perfect balance of light and dark in a colour. Matching different greys always looks great, too. I love the combination of the light jumper and dark shorts (with an extra light cuff to round off the outfit). This outfit sort of felt like wearing smart pyjamas.

dress - £14.99
My last choice was this simple button up dress with an intricate floral pattern. I love a good button up. This dress is so light and nicely cut for hot weather. It's the sort of dress I'd probably wear if I joined Dolly Mixture (that's the dream). It is a little too low cut for my liking but otherwise very nice.



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