Cut Daisy

I've done it. I've accepted crop tops into my life. I wore this outfit last Saturday to LAB451 at Camden Image Gallery - a cool evening of performance art and fun. My synthpop duo, Rescue A Family, performed about half way through (you can watch our entire performance here). 

What I love about this top is its subtle deep red colour, and the little turtleneck (a smart detail that isn't overly intrusive). It's quite a simple top so I paired it with daisy print leggings and black brogues, with a cheeky turn up and very delicately floral socks. This brought in a nice smartness, meaning that my bellybutton was immediately ready for a business meeting.


  1. Cool style and I love your hair!

  2. I don't think I'd ever have the body confidence to wear crop tops but the colour of this one is so nice and you look great in it! :D

    Jade x ♡

    1. Thank you so much! I'm still totally like "????" about crop tops but I kinda love them. I love seeing them on folks of all different sizes the most though, anyone should be able to wear a crop top if they fancy.


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