Blue Skies & Balloons

I have been collecting unpublished photos for a while now and I think it's time to unleash some of them here in the form of a photo diary post. There are pictures of Elliot (and a local cat) in the street, pictures I've taken in my room (very photo diary appropriate as they are such private moments), and a single picture of a stranger at the top of the National Museum of Scotland. 

I have been trying to take photography less seriously, as often the quality of shots comes second to the moment of time they represent. Taking pictures is at its core a way to document and enjoy life and all the little things inside it. I want to keep that in mind and make sure that my approach to photography is focused on natural and earnest documentation.

The earliest pictures here are from June and the latest are from a glam themed party Elliot and I went to last Saturday (we went as Gene Simmons and Peter Criss respectively). The past couple of months have been full of nice things including freeze pops and marbled balloons (the ones in this post are from Poundland).


  1. There once was a skeleton - named Wellington... All I got - Soz!

  2. You should post more pictures of yourself, you're very pretty!

    1. Are you talking about my bellybutton? Because my bellybutton is very busy right now and can't often get the time for a photo shoot. I'll keep it in mind though. (thank you)


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.