This is a sweet pink zine filled with beautiful, happy scenarios on cute hills and things. Very calming and nice and soft. Also, I am drawing these little bunnies more and more now! I think of them as little guardians bunnies to help you through hard times and make you laugh and smile.

When I was making this zine, the first thing I did was to paint every page with a light pink wash. Sometimes I like to give myself a bit of colour to start off with and it jump starts my imagination. The pink paint reminded me of breathtaking sunsets with clouds lit pink in the sky - one of the most pleasing natural occurrences one can witness. That's where the name "BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES" came from, and with it the idea of making each double page a sweet and idyllic landscape. This zine is very special to me as it embodies serenity and simple joy - things I strongly believe we should pay as much attention to as possible!

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