ABBA & Ice Pops

This is my photo diary from the previous week or so. Naturally, I've done plenty of collaging involving ABBA. What's most prominent in this collection of photos, however, is that I've been very much noticing and appreciating small things about my surroundings - like the paint on the roads, flowers and street signs, and the slowly shifting colours of the night sky. These things are so important to me, because it's all those tiny things about life that remind me that there are endless amazing things about being alive. When I get sad this is often the number one thing for cheering me up. The world is dynamic, huge, and full of kinda weird and cool things. Not to mention Simpsons ice pops, which are the perfect antidote to hot days and the terrible affliction that is not thinking about Lisa Simpson 24/7.

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  1. Gosh, I love ABBA! My mum is a huge fan of them and I pretty much grew up with their song!

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