Special Zines

Mini zines are such a natural form for me because I love to work small and I love to build little collections - this is so easy to do inside a little booklet. I usually make zines to copy, but I decided to try making one-off zines as I wanted to make zines that were more spontaneous and special.

I found that making these zines was more laid back, more feverish, and more experimental than making ones to copy. Because each zine is one unique item, I'm less concerned about getting it "right" and more concerned about just enjoying making it and putting my personality into it. It's a more satisfying way to work, which I think is possible precisely because I know each zine is going to be a special item, so any mistakes or imperfections are an organic contribution - precious in their own way.

I suppose my enjoyment of this version of zine-making has its roots in passing notes and swapping pictures at school. I've always enjoyed getting notes and drawings from people, and it saddens me that I no longer have opportunities to pass notes. It's as if you can keep a tiny bit of a relationship in your pocket - a physical representation of someone's thoughts. That's what I love.

Please send me drawings of Kristen Stewart/Will.I.Am/Simon Cowell holding/struggling against/arguing with cats/dogs/spiders (delete as applicable).

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