Shiny Flamingo

I have been doing plenty of adventuring this week, so here are lots of miscellaneous photos I've taken.

The only gifts you'll ever need.

Drawing on the train to Glasgow.

Sleeping on the train to Glasgow.

My granddad's cute donkey souvenir from his recent holiday in France (the donkey is from the Île de Ré).

A very shiny flamingo in Glasgow H&M.

I tried to take a cool timer shot in the grass and the grass became the star model. Oh well.

King's House Hotel, Glencoe. We had some very delicious haggis and burgers here.

There are lots of little flowers dotted about the hotel.

I also found this toy and thought it was the cutest thing.

A small drawing of a girl with glasses. Written text above this character says "mothcub".

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